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Creamsicle Fudge (Half Pound)

White chocolate, fresh squeezed orange juice and orange zest.

  • Price: $8.50

Cuban Coffee Toffee Fudge (Half Pound)

 Milk chocolate, Cuban coffee and buttery toffee bits.

  • Price: $8.50

Cuban Coffee Toffee Fudge (One Pound)

 Milk Chocolate, Cuban coffee and buttery toffee bits.

  • Price: $16.50

Dark and Spicy Fudge (Half Pound)

 Dark chocolate, cayenne pepper, a hint of cinnamon and vanilla, topped off with sea salt.

  • Price: $8.50

Dark Chocolate Orange Fudge (Half Pound)

An exquisite blend of fine dark chocolate, fresh squeezed orange juice, and tangy orange zest.

  • Price: $8.50

Deluxe Gift Box

Can’t decide? No problem. Order our Deluxe Gift Box of 12 individual foil wrapped pieces. Choose 3 fudge selections from your choice of: Cuban Coffee Toffee Dark & Spicy Dark Chocolate Orange Guava Cream Cheese Key Lime Pie White, Milk...

  • Price: $27.95

Guava and Cream Cheese Fudge (Half Pound)

 Guava fruit blended with cream cheese and white chocolate fudge.

  • Price: $8.50

Key Lime Pie Fudge (Half Pound)

 A combination of real key lime juice and zest, graham cracker crust and premium white chocolate.

  • Price: $8.50

Milk Chocolate Fudge (Half Pound)

Enjoy this classic confectionery with the most premium milk chocolate.

  • Price: $8.50

Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge (Half Pound)

Premium milk chocolate, blended with creamy all natural peanut butter.

  • Price: $8.50

Raspberry Fudge (Half Pound)

 This is a favorite combination of real raspberries (red and black) and creamy milk chocolate.

  • Price: $8.50

Raspberry Fudge (One Pound)


  • Price: $16.50

Top 5 Sampler Pack

Top 5 Sampler Pack - 1 piece each of Cuban Coffee Toffee, Dark & Spicy, Dark Chocolate Orange, Key Lime Pie and Raspberry. Indicate NFL or NCAA Football Team (in the notes section at checkout) if ordering football team packaging.

  • Price: $10.00

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